ORTHOZEC tablets for Joint Pain Relief

The Best Way To Relieve Joint Pain Naturally?
Orthozec is a herbal medicine in the form of tablets formulated from celery seed extract. The product has been developed after prolonged research in which selective extraction of active ingredients and careful elimination of unwanted elements was carried out. It is among the first herbal medicines developed scientifically and tested systematically.

Its properties and action have been extensively studied at sheffield university in U.K & Queensland university in Australia and in many clinical trials in India.

Each tablet of Orthozec is of "certified potency" with respect to celery seed extract, which have been analyzed to ensure it contains the highest active constituents of celery seed. "Marker" compounds have been identified which ensures consistent potency from batch to batch.

A standardized extract of celery seed is a well known prescription for Arthritis, Rheumatism and Gout. Celery seed has many medicinal properties among which it is anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and diuretic, are of therapeutic interest in the management of the above.

Orthozec flushes out uric acid and the other excess acids that can accumulate in the muscles and soft tissues causing pain and inflammation in and around the joints, thus helping conditions of rheumatism and gout. It acts as a sedative for pain; relaxes tense and painful muscles; relieves inflammation. Orthozec has also been shown to have gastroprotectant activity.

193193. Dr Anselm De Souza, Vern Murdoch Australia ( 238 / Mas / 2001)
A process and an apparatus for the manufacturing of pharmacologically active gastro protectantsubstance from celery seeds.

Biologically active extracts of celery seed are produced by controlled ethanolic extraction, distillation and drying, and further processing by supercritical fluid extractions (SFE), and may be further fractionated by column fractionation, distillation, LiAlH reduction and the like. These extracts possess activity for the treatment and prevention of acute and chronic pain, inflammation and gastrointestinal irritation.
Inventors: Desley Ethel Butters, Craig Kendall Charles Davis, Ross Peter McGeary, Michael Christopher Powanda, Kim Drummond Rainsford, Michael Wellesley Whitehouse.
Patient number: 6576274
Filling date: Oct 26, 2001
Issue date: Jun 10, 2003


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