193193. Dr Anselm De Souza, Vern Murdoch Australia ( 238 / Mas / 2001)
A process and an apparatus for the manufacturing of pharmacologically active gastro protectantsubstance from celery seeds

Biologically active extracts of celery seed are produced by controlled ethanolic extraction, distillation and drying, and further processing by supercritical fluid extractions (SFE), and may be further fractionated by column fractionation, distillation, LiAlH reduction and the like. These extracts possess activity for the treatment and prevention of acute and chronic pain, inflammation and gastrointestinal irritation.
Inventors: Desley Ethel Butters, Craig Kendall Charles Davis, Ross Peter McGeary, Michael Christopher Powanda, Kim Drummond Rainsford, Michael Wellesley Whitehouse; Patient number: 6576274; Filling date: Oct 26, 2001; Issue date: Jun 10, 2003.


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