What is the active ingredient in ORTHOZEC?

ORTHOZEC contains a standardized extract of Celery seed(Apium Graveolens)

What is the strength of Celery Seed Extract(CSE) per tablet?

Each tablet contains 227 milligrams of CSE.This is equivalent to 3000 milligrams of dried seeds.

How is the CSE used in manufacture of ORTHOZEC different from other products?

Firstly Celery seeds used to manufacture CSE are harvested from a region which gives a crop containing high anti-arthritic factor. The patented extraction process ensures that these factors are completely extracted and monitored during the process. These compounds are also checked in the final tablet. Thus each tablet will have the same efficacy and potency. Finally ORTHOZEC has been in the market for 20 years esp in Australia and New Zealand and has a long and successful track record of satisfied users.

If I take 3000mg of Celery seed will it be as effective?

No. ORTHOZEC is more effective as the seeds are ground to a powder and a special extraction procedure removes the actives. This extract is then concentrated so that 3000mg of seeds will give 227 mg of CSE. This extract is thus more bioavailable and more active than seeds. Further the seed quality of each batch of ORTHOZEC is monitored.

Is Celery seed a recognized Arthritis remedy.

Various herbal medicine compendia and pharmacopeia site Celery seed or extracts thereof as remedies for Arthritis, Rheumatism and Gout. for eg. The British Herbal Compendium, The Martindale Extra Pharmacopeia , Indian Ayurvedic journal etc.

What is the proof of efficacy of ORTHOZEC as an anti-arthritic?

ORTHOZEC has been extensively studied in both animal and human models. In polyarthritis induced in rats CSE showed drastic reduction in paw and ankle swelling as well as better pain control as compared to the control group. Clinical trial in human studies have shown that all subjects in the study showed relief from pain, reduction in redness and swelling of joints and greater mobility and reduced stiffness. Relief was noticed within 1-2 weeks after treatment was started. After stopping the treatment the pain reappeared.


Extensive safety and toxicity studies have shown CSE to be absolutely safe. An advanced Cytochrome P450 study has shown CSE and its metabolites to be safe for human consumption.

Are there any side effects with ORTHOZEC?

There are no side effects with ORTHOZEC. Some users have noticed increased urine output. CSE has mild diuretic action which helps flush out salts implicated in arthritis and gout.

Can I take ORTHOZEC with my current arthritis medication?

Yes. you can continue your current medication,after two weeks reduce your medication when you notice reduction in pain and gradually taper off the medication.


Thank you for using “ORTHOZEC” an anti arthritic formulation based on Celery Seed Extract. We would appreciate your feedback on ORTHOZEC in your own experience including the following points:

Please mention your history with respect to Arthritis: How long have you been suffering, which part of your body has been most affected. Your weight, age, history etc?

Almost entirely restricted to my finger joints and thumbs; started about 10 years ago. Current age 62, weight 14.5 stones/92 Kg.

What medication had you been taking before ORTHOZEC and what was the relief?

Have been taking Omega 3/Chondroitin/Glucosamine; doubled the dose about 5 years ago. Relief was total until about 1-2 years ago when new painful red swelling in two finger joints appeared, gradually getting worse.

When did you start taking ORTHOZEC, what was the dose, and what made you decide to try this medication?

Started ORTHOZEC about two months ago,2 tablets per day,based on recommendation by a colleague that this might be gout/uric acid inflammation.

In your opinion after how long did you experience pain relief. How has this medication improved your mobility?

Significant relief of pain and reduced redness of joints within 2 weeks. This has made it easier for me to dance because the style of dancing I most favour involves my partner gripping my hands. This previously caused considerable pain in the finger joints for which I had to take paracetamol.

Since how long have you been taking ORTHOZEC? Has the pain relief been consistent?

Have now been taking ORTHOZEC for 2 months; pain relief has been consistent.

Are you continuing your allopathic medication? If yes have you reduced the dose?

I am continuing with my Omega 3/Chondroitin/Glucosamine and have not reduced the dose because I believe this is treating a different problem.

In case ORTHOZEC has not given you relief please elaborate.?

ORTHOZEC has not given complete relief because I still have some slight pinkness and swelling of the joints. I am wondering whether to increase the dose.


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