Dear Sir,

Since taking Celtech Forte I have had a lot of relief from pain in my legs & back. I was without the tablet for a few days & my pain came back so have ordered a second lot & my pain seems to be improving.

Thank you for giving me relief from pain.
Yours Sincerely
M. Bade
Dear Sir,

I am in receipt of my second order of Celtech and was surprised to find enclosed instruction of dosage.

Had they been enclosed with the first order I feel I would have been much improved. I took 2 tablets per day for one month and then decreased the dosage to 1 per day. These where the instructios enclosed in the brochure.

I was starting to improve when I decreased the dosage was instructed. I have Osteo-arthritis and now on the blue slip enclosed with second order release I should have been taking 3 per day till pain.

I am prepared to try this as I did have quite a lot of relief with 2 per day. But I wasted the first 90$ because of wrong advise. As I am a pensioner the money was not easy to come by.

I am prepared to try again on the new instructions as I believe this worth a second try.

Yours faithfully,
Brian Rabnowski

I have athrithis in my shoulder & hands. I was suffering severe pain until I began taking "Celtech". After a shshort time I became pain free and have told others about the excellent results. It has made a great difference in everyday living.

I remain.
Yours sincerely,
Kevin Bell
Dear Mr. Hennery,

I am pleased to be able to advice you of the relief I have obtained by the regular intake of your Celtech forte tablets.

I have been an arthritis sufferer for many years now, having had both knee joints replaced some five years ago.

Over last several years I have developed arthritis in my hands and my only relief is your tablets, for which I am most thankful.

Keep up the good work.

Yours faithfully
Samuel Brotheron
Sylvania Waters
I saw the ad in the Senior Citizens Monthly Paper & decided to try Celtech Forte. I have only been taking them for 11 weeks & have had wonderful relief from Arthritic pain. I have a badly twisted spine & suffered a lot of pain over the years. Have tried so many tablets & other treatments but with no lasting relief like Celtech Forte has given me. Am feeling better in general health.

Mrs. R. Bridge
West Gosford
Mr. T. Munnery

I am pleased to have this opportunity of letting you know that since taking Celtech Forte I have obtained pain relief from Rheumatic arthristis.

My arthritis developed 32 years ago after the birth of my son. At first only in the fingers of left hands. Then spine and finally my feet were affected.

However, since about two months after starting Celtech Forte I noted significant improvement. My fingers were less painful; with decreased swelling also now I have more flexibility in both my hands.

I am happy to continue taking Celtech Forte and have already recommended this product to a friend.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,
M. Becker
North Rocks
Dear Sir / Madam,

This note may not be what you would like to hear. But guess you will take Good + Bad Results. As yet I have not got any relief from pain. I was quite excited to read about Celtech Forte in newspaper and hoped I would get the results that you said people were getting. So you can imagine I am very disappointed so far, as I am in tears with pain. I am so glad that this is helping some sufferers. I will continue taking two more bottles and if no relief by then I would say it is not suitable for me.

Yours faithfully,
Happy Valley SA
Mr. Munnery

Dear Sir,

About three years ago, when I was 44, I became aware that I had advanced arthritis in my right foot. I sought advice from a variety of health professionals, by my G.P., who referred me to three othopedic surgeons, a Podiatrist and an acupuncturist. I had x-rays magnetic Resource image carried out, which confirm the seriousness of my complaint. The orthopedic surgeon could offer only a bone fusion, an operation that would result in loss of mobility and given my age might will have to be repeated.

I put up with chronic pain for the next 2 years until I heard an ad for Celtech Forte tablet on a Sydney radio station last October, and decided to try it.

After three months I found I was virtually free from pain and able to take up regular exercise again in the form of swimming.

I feel as though I have been given a new lease of life. This weekend we are heading for the snow for some cross-country skiing, something I thought I wold never be able to do again.

I cannot speak too highly of 'Celtech Forte'

Yours Faithfully
Eric G.H. Alexander
Dear Sir or Madam:

Yes I have had a relief on taking your Celtech Forte but I still have pain in my knee, which is still paining me. So I don't know when that will help me, but I will still keep taking them.

Still Hoping

Mrs. G. Anderson
To whom it may concern

Dear Sir,

I have to thank you for my nights of good sleep.

Before I had your treatment of Celtech Forte, I used to have a pillow against the head of the bed and hang my hands down. They used to ache that much. I could not lie down & sleep, but now I've had the course of Celtech fFrte I can now lie down & sleep. Thanks to you and your product.
Dear Madam,

My apologies for delay in posting my cheque. My finances have unexpectedly repeated lately. Herewith my cheque of $94.00 for presentation next pension day 29-1-97

Please hold the cheque until that date.

I am not likely to have this problem again.

I have found Celtech outstanding in curing back pain problem that caused years of misery for half of my adult life. Celtech is a national treasure in my opinion. I have had the confidence to recommend the tablet to several close friends and I will pass on the good word for years to come.

John Claringbol
New South Wales



Mr. Trevor Munnery,

In the first place please excuse the writing, as I am 85 years of age and the memory + writing is not like it used to be, but I am pleased to say the Celtech has given me lot of relief.

I do not have the pain like I did have and I am able to walk a lot better, so I am very satisfied with these tablets.

I can walk a little without the sticks and sometimes using only one stick.

Please excuse the writing.

Yours faithfully,
Arthur Bucher
Dear Sir,

I have only taken two bottles of Celtech Forte & I can close both my hands & use them freely & will continue to use Celtech Forte.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. H.R. McDonald

I have had osteo-athritis for years and I have tried all the tablets doctors gave me and all I got was side effects and no relief and still had to put up with terrible pain.

I am 79 years old. I had to get a walker so I could walk, but since I have been taking Celtech Forte tablet I can go out in my garden and do work.

I am very glad I started taking Celtech Forte. They are worth their weight in gold.

B.E. Ollervon
National customer Service Manager

Prior to taking Celtech forte I had difficulties in gripping my golf clubs due to arthritis pain in my finger joints.

Since taking Celtech Forte the pain in my joints has almost gone and I can now finally hold my clubs.

Thank you.

Mr. M. H. Miribile
Dear Sir,

I found by taking Celtech Forte the arthritis is easier. I would hardly hold a pen before because my thumb was so bad. I was out of them for a while before I sent for the last lot. I noted the pain was bad again. My knee even ached at night, it hasn't done that since I started taking the tablets

Yours faithfully,
Mrs. R. Moris.
Mr. T. Munnery

I have an arthritic knee due to pattellofemoral problems since I was 16 years, basically congenital. I am now 65, arthritis was diagnosed a year ago. Excellent very up-to-date physiotherapy has improved the muscles. I have no problem playing golf or walking 5 to 6 miles.

However some residual pain remained when I went upstairs and downstairs and getting out of sand bunkers. After 8 weeks of taking Celtech Forte I suddenly realized I was climbing up and downstairs and negotiating any steep bunkers without noticing any discomfort!

Is Celtech forte palliative or does it have proven restorative factors? This ofcourse is important for the future outcome.

Yours sincerely,
Pamela Massie Greene

Ocean Grove 3220,
I am writing to you about my son Grant who is currently taking your Celtech Forte tablets. Grant is 17 years of age and has arthritis in his knees. After having two knee operations one at the age of 14 years to remove a cyst and the second one 12 months later only to find out he has arthritis.

Since taking your tablets the degree of pain has subsided and consequently he can play sport more freely. Grant is currently scholarship holder in the V.I.S. for cricket and so has a lot of training. At the moment he does weights two nights a week, trains football two nights a week, plays volleyball on the fifth night of the week, plays football on Saturdays and V.I.S traing on Sundays. Later in the year the football will cease and cricket will become more intense and Grant needs to maintain his fitness. This would be very unlikely to maintain if he was in pain for arthritis. Since starting your tablets, the pain has decreased and subsequently makes his life more bearable.

Yours faithfully,
H.B. Lindsay
Ocean Grove 3220
Dear Sir / Madam,

About Celtech Forte

Yes Thank you. After 6 months I was able to again do some gardening and lately the pain feels much better.

Hopefully, I am on the right track now and throw the old tablets from the chemist away.

Once again thank you.
Dear Sir,

I started taking Celtech in December'96. Until this time had been taking anti-inflamatory drugs for 5 years. I had no relief however, I still found I had to take other medication 2 or 3 times per week. I received my last order from you at the begining of May and noted your revised instructions for Osteo-Asthritis. I started taking 4 Celtec tablets per day and have not taken any other medication to this day and have much less pain and feel more flexible.

Thank you.

Janet K. Ita

To Celtech Forte

Hi I'm Rita Jackson.

For 10 years now I have had pain in my legs & arms unable to sleep at night. Since taking Celtech Forte I am able to sleep at night.

I still have some pain but I am hoping it will go.

Thank you Celtech Forte.

Rita Jackson

P.S. Sorry I am late but I have cancer and been away having tests.
"In India Celtech Forte name changed to Orthozec"

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